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Mithos was a half elf and Lloyd was a human. Lloyd wasn't as deeply discriminated as Mithos was. Because Mithos did keep trying even after Martel died, but when he couldn't find anyone to accept him, he clung onto the only person who could understand - his sister. Lloyd was well-supported by a huge party of people and he wanted to protect those who believed in him. Mithos didn't really have anyone he wanted to protect besides his sister.

So you’re saying Lloyd fared so well because he had so many people behind him. That’s a really interesting point! ^_^

Okay, so one more important ToS thing before I go to bed

Because to be completely honest, I’m not used to fandoms where people actually read my lengthy text posts. I like you guys for that. Thanks for all the replies I’ve been getting, by the way. I guess I should point out though, I’ve been presenting most of these topics either for my own fun or to purposely drive people to argue with me. It’s fun, but I’d hope you don’t all think I’m an ignorant little shit who thinks she knows everything because hey! I certainly don’t. Guess I’m just saying, thanks for all your replies and even though I haven’t gotten to all of them, I read and appreciate especially the ones who are challenging my views! You guys are awesome, ToS fans!

Lets talk about Mithos and Lloyd

Have I mentioned how beautiful their parallels are? I mean, okay, young Mithos must have been SO much like Lloyd, but I’m not here to rant about how Mithos could have turned out better. I’m here to rant about how Lloyd didn’t turn out worse. Tell me- what sets these two apart?

Well one is a genocidal maniac. Yes, Mithos is that. But Lloyd is the one who allowed and later encouraged his companion to destroy multiple desian ranches, in the process probably killing a VERY large percentage of half-elves in the world. He then continued to fight with cruxis and the renegades, killing even MORE half-elves. You realize he probably killed at least half the population of half-elves in Sylvarant? What else you got?

Well Lloyd had better reasons for what he did. Did he? Because from where I’m standing, they did the same thing. Lloyd first fought to save his world, but once Colette lost her soul, he made it clear that her life took priority over the fate of both worlds. How is that different from Mithos’ agenda changing once Martel died? They both continued to work toward saving the world as well.

Well one of the succeeded. Which one is that? Tales of Symphonia is actually a prelude to Tales of Phantasia, in which the world Lloyd worked so hard to create is falling apart again. Lloyd didn’t succeed any more than Mithos did.

They had the same trainer

The same agenda

The same drive

Why is it that somehow Lloyd turned out to be the hero and Mithos was the villain???